Treatments, the effects of which we can see in case of the most famous actors and actresses, politicians, celebrities, journalists, presenters and models has today become available for everyone. What seemed unattainable has become popular and also available for you!

Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-aging is a new field of interest covering the issue of the aging process or the human body, in order to reverse it and restore both - its appearance and functionality. Focusing mainly on the outward appearance, it draws attention not only to the condition of the skin and hair, but also to all aesthetic aspects, including: texture, geometry, symmetry, and the right proportions. Treatments are minimally invasive, safe, and after a majority of the treatments you can immediately return to normal daily activities.  

Aesthetic Medicine in Poland does not differ from international standards and offers the same treatments, performed by the same preparations, often at very attractive prices. At the same time, the highest professional standards of effectiveness, safety and hygiene are maintained.


Aesthetic Medicine is addressed to healthy people, for who a natural, healthy and aesthetic look is the engine of well-being, satisfying relationships, as well as relations with other people. It is important, however, to start appropriate treatments at the right time. Removal of wrinkles is easier when we firstly apply prevention of skin aging, next treatments that slow down the passage of time and only then, directly correct our wrinkles. Proper procedures concerning age, emerging problems and individual possibilities of the patient will be proposed by a physician during the very first visit.

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If we see the side-effects of uncontrolled aging, then the goal of aesthetic medicine appears as a duty, in order to at least protect an individual against discomfort associated with age. The aim of treatment, which is purely biological and mechanical, translates directly on the quality of life and relationships with other people in a wide spectrum, including: social, business, private, etc.



•    Botulin,

•    Mesotherapy in different parts of the body,

•    Mesotherapy for hair – hair loss treatment,

•    Regeneration of the skin – Restyline,

•    Lip augmentation and modeling,

•    Treatment for hyperhidrosis,

•    Peeling as Dermamelan or Cosmelan,

•    Medical peeling with the use of TCA acid,

•    Eye Treatments – Teosyal,

•    Aqualyx,

•    Hydrobalance,

•    Hyaluronic threads,

•    Radiesse

•    Skulptra

•    Platelet rich plasma – vampire facelift

•    Laser

Treatments are chosen together with your doctor of aesthetic medicine.
Besides, in our facility we immediately offer treatments to improve the aesthetics of the smile, such as: dentures and implants, as well as treatment, cosmetics and teeth whitening.

All treatments of aesthetic medicine are medical procedures and are performed by a doctor of aesthetic medicine.